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Our Mission: We Believe in Second Chances

We know the thought of financing or leasing a new vehicle can be scary for a lot of people. However, in reality, the process is easy, affordable, and comes with many other benefits. Our mission is to help clients who have gone through a financial hardship get back on track. We want to help you reestablish your credit, not put you further in debt. Let us help guide you into a conscious financial decision while also allowing you to make your own decisions. Through different stages of your term, we will provide you with sound financial advice and also give you updates on your current credit rating.

Leasing Benefits:​

​Aside from lower monthly payments and significant savings over the term of the lease, there are several great reasons to consider leasing a car even if you have sub prime or bad credit.

Car leases also include extensive warranty coverage, which means if something goes wrong there’s no money coming out of your pocket to get your car back on the road. You just take it back to the dealer for repairs.

How Leasing Can Actually Improve Your Credit Report:​

​One of the biggest advantages is the positive impact leasing a car has on your credit rating. As long as you’re making your payments on time, leasing a car is a fantastic way to build your credit back up, as it shows future lenders you can take on debt and fully commit to repaying it.

Our Customers are more than just a number:

Unsure what you qualify for? No problem, let us go to work for you.
​No matter what’s on your report, each customer is treated with care and consideration. Don't be afraid to let us help. We pride ourselves in being confidential and judgement-free. We want to give you a fresh start and help you get into a new vehicle that suits your needs.

We know understanding your credit score can sometimes be overwhelming. Here is a helpful guide from the government of Canada that can help answer some questions you may have.